Iowa AG: Banks may face criminal liability after robo-signing settlement

Iowa AG: Banks may face criminal liability after robo-signing settlement

AG Settlement Will Not Release Banks From Securitization Liability DS NEWS – September 2011 As state attorneys general and major U.S. banks continue to work toward a settlement, questions abound regarding the amount of legal liability the servicers should and will maintain after an agreement is signed.

First max keiser posts this article from the NYT Obama taunts public to riot on behalf of banks and prison industry READ Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal at nyt. Yves Smith at throws the book at them!

With subpoenas coming in from law enforcement agencies around the country, GMAC is the first to crumble, aware that the choice was to either take a massive commercial hit for damages or face criminal charges. Finger pointing will start in earnest as the big boys claim plausible deniability in a scheme they hatched and directed.

ways to find evidence of bank robo signing fraud Tracking State Data Protection Enforcement In 2014 – A similar multistate investigation of an Experian plc business unit called Court Ventures and its data-sharing partner, U.S. Info Search, was announced in April, involving the AGOs of Connecticut,

 · Iowa attorney general tom miller, who is leading foreclosure settlement negotiations with the nation’s largest banks on behalf of all 50 states, abruptly removed New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from the coalition’s executive committee Tuesday, saying he had “actively worked to undermine” the group’s efforts in recent months.

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Earlier this month, state attorneys general provided the following.. In fact, the Iowa AG rep I spoke to said she had been in contact with Rust just this week. I do feel Rust Consulting is conducting business in a criminal.. Maybe our foreclosing banks used the same corrupt, robo signing law firm.

 · As DB readers know, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, along with AGs Beau Biden of Delaware and Catherine Cortez of Nevada, have been opposed to the nationwide foreclosure fraud settlement being led by Iowa AG Tom Miller (read: Once Upon A Time In Foreclosure Fraud), who as Matt Taibbi pointed out has not-so-conincidentally increased his campaign contributions from the.

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This settlement arises from multiple abuses found in the servicing of loans and the foreclosure process over the past several years. At the height of the housing bubble, banks sliced and diced.

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